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English Overview

Auris Aurea GmbH is a young company with a twenty-year history. The company itself was formed in 2011 to enable audio engineer Anton Rädler to offer his clientèle an even greater and more diverse palette of services and facilities for the production of highest quality recordings. Auris Aurea, as the name might imply (Latin for “Golden Ear” or “Golden Hearing”), is dedicated to capturing music and sound in its most authentic, pure and beautiful essence.

With over twenty years of experience in the audio engineering and music industry, Anton has a very clear understanding of what makes a really good recording – and what artists look for when they seek to have their music captured on disc. Many an award-winning recording has been the result.

The focus of Auris Aurea is on classical music and jazz productions. Nonetheless, we also offer the recording of speech for all purposes and many audio books are recorded at our studio.

Anton Rädler was born into a musical family and studied music prior to opting for a career in audio engineering, which he studied at the Berlin University of Arts. A great love of music is the common ground which he shares with the artists he records and which enables him to appreciate and understand how every note ought to be captured.

While all successful recordings begin and end with the artists and their music, the location where the recording takes place, the audio engineer and the equipment he uses will also play a vital role in the final quality of the product.
Auris Aurea offers its clients a beautiful recording studio situated in a quiet suburb of Munich. It has very good acoustics and is large enough to accommodate an ensemble of up to 20 players. Its heart is a Fazioli F212 grand piano. It is equally possible to record in selected concert halls and churches. We will happily advise on the choice of any location, and will assist with organisation and hiring.

The quality of any production also depends on the technology used. Auris Aurea has an excellent range of state-of-the-art (and, where needed, vintage) equipment to ensure an ultimately perfect reflection of the music as it was played. We are fully equipped to work on any kind of production – ranging from solo to chamber music to orchestral recordings. For the recording of larger ensembles, Anton Rädler is aided by excellent, equally qualified colleagues.

Once the music has been played and recorded, the audio engineer will begin editing, mixing and mastering the final product. Anton Rädler works on all recordings with skill and great care, an eye (or should we say: an ear!) for detail and creative intuition whilst never losing sight of the “whole picture” – the ultimate result.

Over the years many, well-known artists and producers have turned to Anton for their recordings and have seen some of their best work come to fruition under his care. The high regard he enjoys is also reflected by the fact that many return time and again to have their musical ideas captured on disc. His skill is reflected by the numerous awards and articles which commend the quality of his recordings.